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Mitsubishi Heavy Industrials (MHI) is the world's first manufacturer to introduce the big advantage of wall-mounted split system in air conditioning committed to innovation, eco-environmental and advanced technology, Mitsubishi continues to bring better life and comfort to homes, offices and eco buildings across the world

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners
"Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow"

About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries maintain a corporate culture that affirms high technological level and constant drive for improvement. This is expressed through their CI statement, "Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow." Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aim to provide the next generation with an assured future of comfortable lives and happiness through technologies that excite people and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries passion in manufacturing.

Air Conditioners

In air conditioners, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries establish its value to society by maintaining its aspects of operations including: technological capabilities, price competitiveness, and customer services. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are continuously developing new technologies to help meet the cooling requirements as well as environmental objectives. They were the first manufacturer to invest in and develop the new CO2 refrigerant technology, and introduced the first full range of air-conditioning split systems that utilise high-efficiency and ozone-friendly R410a refrigerant market.

In Singapore, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners has been distributed by the KM Capital Group companies - "KM Capital Group" over the last 25 years. The KM Capital Group pride itself as sole distributor for the MHI air conditioners and distribute its products thru an extensive network of Dealers/Resellers, and M&E contractors. KM Capital Group pledges quality assurance and satisfactory after-sale services. The KM Capital Group has won overwhelming trust and confidence from resellers and customers alike over the many years in the industry

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners Product Range

Product range include :

9 outdoor models of multi-split and single-split products (Residential Air Conditioners - RAC) ideal for residential, domestic and small business application with capacities from 2-12.5kW;

15 outdoor models split systems (Packaged Air Conditioner - PAC) generally higher in capacity and are designed for medium to large commercial applications with capacities from 4-25kW and;

24 models VRF inverter multi system air conditioners (Hyper-Multi KX models) designed for higher end residential, commercial and industrial application. The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries KX series range from 11.2kW up to 136.0kW and may be combined with 17 types 83 models expose or concealed indoor units in wide capacities to suit many different application

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries multi split and single inverter system air conditioners are extremely versatile and is used in application including HDB residential homes, office buildings and other large scale facilities.

Key features

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners achieve higher energy-saving capability through enhanced efficiency and diversified operational controls with robust reliability. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries products also promote further energy savings by optimizing the supplied capacity based on the actual heat demand from each room. This inverter developed capacity controlling method provides both energy saving and comfort to individual rooms and users.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries pride itself in manufacturing industry leading energy efficient products that has high reliability, produced from its advance technology. Some of the key features common to MHI residential products include

3D Auto airflow (Vertical + Horizontal Air Scroll)
Jet Air Scroll (Long Reach & Silent Air Flow)
24-hour ION
Self Clean Operation
Allergen Clear System (for Health purposes)
Natural Enzyme Filter (Destroy fungi and bacterial)

With inverter driven compressors which adjust to the environment to ensure that only the minimum amount of energy is used, MHI air conditioners are about 40 % more efficient in cooling than standard units. Several MHI air conditioners have been ranked with 4 ticks on the energy savings rating scale, making them the perfect addition to any energy saving home in our tropical climate.

4.5 (1.8 - 6.4) kW

KX Series Outdoor Unit
(from 11.2kW to 136kW)

Hyper-Multi KX
(for residential, commercial and industrial application)

Inverter Multi-Split System
(for HDB Residential and small business application)

3D AUTO Vertical + Horizontal AIR SCROLL

Clean Air
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