Clean Air

Always keeping the indoor unit clean
Self Clean Operation
Self clean operation is operated for 2 hours after the unit has stopped its normal Self clean operation is operated for 2 hours after the unit has stopped its normal operation. The indoor unit is dried up and the growth of mold is restrained. Users can select whether this mode is utilized or not.

Situation of mold after one week
When you don't execute "Self Clean Operation"
Fungal mycelia
Fungal mycelia

of mold
When you execute "Self Clean Operation"
The spore of mold
doesn't germinate
of mold

The air in your room is kept fresh
Allergen Clear System
Allergen Clear System is equipped to suppress the influence of the allergen caught by the filter by controlling the temperature and humidity.

In case of Multi-split system, Allergen Clear System is not available. If [Allergen] button is pushed by mistake, the indoor unit will stop

Catching Allergen on the Filter
Cooling Operation
To make condensing water
Healing Operation
To give moisture to the
Filter to inactiate allergen
AIR Purify
Self-Clean Operation
To dry up the indoor unit
The allergen clear filter breaks down the pollen, lice, and allergens that live on cat skins, etc. and deactivates them. The secret of deactivation is the Enzyme-urea compound. It deactivates not only allergens but also all kinds of bacteria, molds and viruses. Even if allergens and bacteria, etc. fly off of the filter, they are deactivated, so the air in your room is kept fresh.
This is the original and only technology to control the temperature and humidity for inactivating allergens
Allergen Clear Filter
Enzyme + Urea deactivates allergens and kills bacteria.
*1 Test method:
ELISA colorimetric method /
ELISA fluorescent method
Independent administrative
agency national hospital
mechanism Sagamihara
Hospital, No.1536
*2 Test method:
ELISA colorimetric method
Independent administrative
agency national hospital
mechanism Sagamihara
Hospital, No.1536
*3 Test method:
TCID (Infection value 50%)
Foundation of Kitazato
Environmental Science Center,
Sterilization Mechanism
Rate of inactivation against allergens collected on the filter
Enzymes used in these filter are naturally occuring lytic enzymes. The lytic enzymes attack cell walls of microorganisms trapped on a filter and destroy them and doing so, have a powelful sterilizing wich will effect decrease the number of molds and bacteria Natural Enzyme Filter will clean and sanitize air passing through it to keep air in the room clean and safe.
Sure to destroy fungi and bacteria, also effective on viruses and allergenic compounds
(Cat hair, dust mite, pollen etc.)
Natural Enzyme Filter
The first release in this range of the enzyme-sterilizing filter
Conventional Filter
Enzyme Filter
Enzyme's sterilizing mechanism
It will keep the air fresh by deodorizing the molecules causing odor. Its deodorizing power can be restored by washing with water and drying under the sun, as such it is a Recycling deodorizing filter capable of repeat use.
The deodorizing ability of this filter can be easily restored
simply by cleaning and exposing to the sunlight
Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter

Generates the same amount of negative ions as a forest environment
24-hour ION (except:SRK-ZJ)
The air conditioner main body employs a tourmaline-coated sheet. The sheet generates negative ions around the clock. Even when the air conditioner is not running, it generates as many negative ions (2,500 - 3,000/cc) as in a forest, stream or fall does, allowing you to experience them without incurring any electrical charges

3D AUTO Vertical + Horizontal AIR SCROLL
3D AUTO is one touch programmed and three motors (one vertical working motor + two horizontal working motors) make three independent air flow controls. The uniform and quiet airflow can be delivered to every corner of the room, achieving economical operation and minimizing energy loss.
Programmed 3D AUTO (except:SRK71ZK)
Thanks to automatic control of air flow volume and air flow direction,comfortable air conditioning of the entire room can be done effectively. The cooled air flows directly to the ceiling in cooling operation mode,not directly at the occupants of the room. Comfort cooled air flow comes via the ceiling like a cool breeze
In the heating mode, warm air flow can be sent down to the floor directly. The warm air then spread along the floor achieving optimum comfort.
Manual Setting
Horizontal swings in 8 directions
The airflow direction from the right and left louvers can be controlled individually. Eight different air flow patterns can be selected.
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